Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

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What will I have to do to borrow a truck?2022-11-02T13:17:46+00:00

We will need some information from your team, such as team members that will drive the truck and their license information. Additionally, there will be a contract and insurance needs. Speak with a project member to learn about the full list of requirements.

Are these trucks just for Tennessee?2022-11-02T13:18:10+00:00

Yes. This project is only available for entities located in Tennessee.

Who is going to provide us with an introduction to the vehicles?2022-11-02T13:19:20+00:00

Training will be provided by the project team. How you drive it, how you charge it, operating questions – we will help answer all questions you may have! Once you sign up and take care of contracting, we will setup a time to bring the truck to you and take care of all training.

How can electric vehicles work for my fleet?2022-08-25T13:15:39+00:00

The vehicle will function just like the ones you currently use, except it is quieter and will save you on fuel and maintenance costs. You will need to check how many miles you drive on your routes to ensure the eTruck will handle your distance needs. Additionally, more trucks will be coming on the market with longer ranges in the coming years.

How will I charge the eTrucks?2022-11-02T13:19:54+00:00

Any Level 2 or CCS DCFC unit will charge the vehicle. You may use local chargers, or contact us if you want to discuss obtaining a Level 2 charger for your fleet as part of the project. Also, click here to see Level 2 chargers [Charger Type: Level 2; Connectors: J1772] in Tennessee or your area (just put in zip code on the page that opens).


How long can my fleet use the eTruck?2022-11-02T13:20:32+00:00

You can borrow the truck for up to 6-8 weeks! Shorter periods are available upon request. The Step Van is only available for a limited amount of time, and your loan period may be shorter, depending on demand.

How do I sign up?2022-08-25T13:18:56+00:00

Use the form below, or reach out directly using the contact information provided at the top of the page!

eTruck Specifications2023-03-20T14:56:19+00:00

Step Van

Chassis & Body – X-Platform 1, 178” WB

GVWR – 23,000 lbs

Motor – TM4 SUMO MD/Direct drive electric powertrain

Battery – 750 volt HV battery ranging from 22 – 350 kWh

Range – Up to 110 miles (in urban stop/go)

Charger Type – J1772 CCS 1 connector

Charge Time – Level 2: 4 hours; DCFC: 1 hour

Max Speed – 65mph 

Horsepower – 335

Trucks will have telematic devices to collect driving data in real-time.

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